ECCV Aged Care Policy Advocacy

Since ECCV’s establishment in 1974, ageing and aged care have been a major focus of our policy advocacy. ECCV works with all levels of government and with the community to ensure equitable access of older people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to aged care and health services. We work in partnership with a number of organisations including ethno-specific and multicultural agencies, mainstream providers and peak bodies. We work for an inclusive Victoria in whihc older migrants receive services that respond to their cultural, linguistic and spiritual rights and needs. 

Key elements of our policy work are:

• We convene an Aged Care Policy Sub-committee on an ongoing basis. The Committee consists of stakeholders from the multicultural ageing and aged care sector in Victoria and drives ECCV’s aged care policy advocacy.

• We have developed a Multicultural Aged Care Strategy Multicultural Aged Care Strategy .The Strategy states ECCV’s key positions in ageing and aged care and gives recommendations on equitable access to aged care services in Victoria.

• We communicate with aged care stakeholders through our online magazine Golden Years. Golden Years updates the sector on issues relating to aged care reforms, communicates best practice in ethnic aged care, and features innovative service models. 

• We advocate for the interests of multicultural communities at Departmental meetings and aged care network meetings.

To access ECCV aged care related publications please visit: 

• Access and Support

• Speak My Language

• Elder Abuse Prevention

• Aged Care Committee

Other Publications

Also in this section, you can find some useful links to Governments' publications that are relevant to aged care services. Please visit Victorian and Federal government updates.