Aged Care

Aged Care 

Access to the aged care services has changed since the aged care transition from Victorian Government to Commonwealth ( the aged care reform) in 2012. Every individual is different and there is no one model that fits everyone. However the reform brought a streamlined access to the aged care system:

Accessing aged care system can be complicated and challenging, however there is information and support services available to assist with the process. For more information please visit myagedcare and refer to the links provided on this page.

  1.  Registration on My Aged Care system
  2. Assessment of the persons needs and circumstances:
    1. Regional Assessment Services (RAS)
    2. Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS)
  3. Search and access to services:
    1. CHSP (entry level)
    2. Home Care Packages (more complex coordinated care)
    3. Short Term and Respite Care
    4. Aged care (nursing) home
  4. Carer services
    1. More information
    2. Carer Gateway

Changes that took place as part of the Aged Care Reform:

  • More support and care at home 
  • Better access to residential care 
  • Increased recognition of carers and those from culturally diverse backgrounds 
  • More support for those with dementia 
  • Better access to information 

The reforms began in 2012 with the first round of changes applied on 1 July 2013. The second round of changes began on 1 July 2014. These changes included:

  • Income testing arrangements for home care packages 
  • Means testing for residential aged care 
  • New accommodation payment arrangements for residential aged care 
  • Removal of the distinction between high and low care in residential care 
  • Expansion of the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency

The third round of changes is increasing Choice in Home Care started on 27 February 2017. The changes included:

  • Removal of home care places and the Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR)
  • Home care packages assigned directly to the care recipient 
  • Removal of broadband levels of home care to a specific level of care 
  •  A new national system for prioritising access to care 
  • Home care package portability allowing care recipients to change providers  
  • Unspent home care amounts move with the care recipient to the new provider or are paid to the care recipient or their estate and the Commonwealth if they leave home care 
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