About the ECCV Directory

Role of the ECCV Multicultural Aged Care Services Directory

The online ECCV multicultural Aged Care Service Directory (the Directory) is targeted at the aged care and community service sector. It links community members to culturally appropriate aged care services and provides generic service providers and organisations with an easy and accessible way to identify and connect with linguistically and culturally specific services for their clients from diverse backgrounds.

The online directory aims to become a central hub of information and resources about multicultural aged care service providers in Victoria. Information on the online Directory can be easily accessed by users. Registered multicultural aged care service providers can regularly update their listed services and keep their organisation’s entry as detailed and relevant as possible. 

The Directory also seeks to promote better engagement, partnership, and collaboration between generic and ethno-specific aged care service providers in order to provide holistic and appropriate aged care for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.